Gay Friendly Puerto Vallarta

What’s happening party people, I just wanted to tell everyone about my recent trip, it was surprising to see that this is one of the most gay friendly destinations that I have ever seen, you can just search for “ puerto vallarta gay vacation rentals ”. I am from El Salvador, so growing up there I had a perception of the Latin mentality towards gay people so I can definitely say that I was really happy to see that all that ignorance towards homosexuality that I was brought up in, is definitely gone. At least from what I saw in Mexico, lol.

When I decided to take my girlfriend to Puerto Vallarta for some R&R on the beach, I never expected to see a whole section of the city to be Gay oriented. One of the first places we visited was an area in the old town called “La Zona Romantica” This place is beautiful, it has that type of old school architecture with the red clay roofs and white walls, most of the business in this area are directed towards the gay community and most are even gay owned. While having lunch we met a couple from Vancouver John and Mike these guys were mad cool and we made friends right away. John had surprised mike with a trip to Mexico for his birthday and he got a Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals for the week. We went over to their place for afternoon drinks and man was I jealous, they were staying at one of the most beautiful homes that I had ever seen, this gorgeous villa on a mountain with one of those pools that looks like it goes over the edge of the mountain. And the view, man it was sick, you could see the city and the beach in the background. Their bedroom was on the top floor and their view was just ridiculous, some of our best pictures came from their view. Also because they were at a higher altitude they had this really nice breeze that went through the whole place. Believe me, next time we go I’m definitely staying at this place, it’s something like or something like that, if you look it up I’m sure you’ll find it. Anyway we hung out with them, went into town and had dinner on the rooftop of this gay hotel in the old town, awesome dinner wicked time and we even ended up going to a gay bar for dancing, we had a really good time and met tons of people from all over the world.

The next day we figured that we’d kick it with “our own kind” HAHAHA. Anyway, unfortunately we did not end up having as good a time, my girlfriend kept getting hit on by these American frat boys at a bar and made her very uncomfortable and we ended up cutting our night short to avoid trouble. Alcohol and anger never mix well. Needles to say that the next time we went to a bar it was a gay bar and we definitely had a great time.
All to say that I truly recommend a Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals to everyone out there; the beach is absolutely gorgeous, white sand and nice warm water, the town is really great every meal we eat was excellent which is a rarity when you travel and we made a lot of great friends.

For all gay people, this is your ideal vacation destination, I saw offers for Gay boat tours, there are a lot of gay bars/restaurants and I even heard that there is a gay beach, so I am sure that you will enjoy yourself.

And for all the couples out there, I can tell you that this worked out great for us, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves and we got to do all the fun things we wanted to do, I just wished I could of traded my small claustrophobic hotel room for John’s Villa, but I definitely will the next time.

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Mexico Trip

The fabulous country of Mexico is steeped in history from the time of the Aztecs to the time of the Spanish conquistadores. When you travel here for your vacation, Mexico will show you its best. You can visit the ruins of Aztec cities or bask in the warm waters near the golden Mexican beaches.

The ancient cities of the Aztecs are a wondrous sight to explore. As you climb the many steps you are taken back in time. You can imagine the streets that are filled with the well dressed nobles in their rich clothing with their gold and gem studded jewelry. On your holiday in Mexico, you will see the vendors selling their wares at street side stalls. Look up at the pyramid shaped temple and you can see the well armored ceremonial guards standing on each side of the main temple steps.

For a lovely beach side Mexico holiday, you will have golden stretches of beaches with the warm Pacific Ocean to play in. Here there are many water sports that you can do. From scuba diving to swimming or even water skiing. You can take a boat out for a relaxing time of deep sea fishing. You can also just relax by the hotel’s pool and drink pina coladas and the ever necessary tequila shots. Get out the salt and lime, or you could just go it straight.

There are a great many different places that you could go on your %keyword2%, it will be able to cater to all your needs. From Cabo San Lucas, to Puerto Vallarta, to Cancun, and even to Cordoba, Monterrey or Mexico City. It all just depends on where you want to go for this Mexico vacation, it can you offer you a host of other glorious places to go to as well. You can’t do all this in one go but you can come back again and again to enjoy your Mexican experience.

Then you’ll be wanting to visit the many bazaars and stalls that are a part of the Mexican culture. You can come away with great bargains, and a feeling of contentment for having bought the perfect little rug to put next to your bed. Along with the perfect piece of pottery to give your mother, the perfect wall hanging to give your grandmother and let’s not forget the perfect sets of jewelry that seemed tailor made just for you.

You can enjoy your vacation in Mexico in style and go back home well satisfied that your trip was all that it was cracked up to be. In Mexico you will find a little gem of a country just waiting for you to explore it. And that’s what will keep you coming back again and again.

Information About Finding Rocket Japanese Reviews

Japan is a founding member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and a signatory to most major treaties regarding intellectual property rights. Recent legislative amendments include a reduction in the time required by the patent office to treat patents cases and the introduction of a post-grant opposition system; thus, the average approval time for patent and utility model applications was reduced to under 24 months by end-1995. Japan is known to be a major platform of Buddhism to which it was first introduced through Korea and Buddhism in Japan is known to be promoted by the ruling class. The best way to start learning the language is to use Rocket Japanese. Following a major historical background other than the various ruling houses and empires in Japan, the country has emerged to be one of the leading countries in Asia and also in the world in terms of economy, technical advancements and cultural vibrancy.

Japan is one of the most seismically active locations in the world; minor tremors are felt regularly throughout the islands. While responsibility for caring for disaster victims, including foreigners, rests with the Japanese authorities, one of the first things a traveler should do upon arriving in Japan is to learn about earthquake and disaster preparedness from hotel or local government officials.

Japan is subject to numerous earthquakes and, in late summer, to typhoons. Rugged mountain chains, several of them containing active volcanoes, account for more than 72 percent of the total land area, and numerous swift, shallow rivers flow from the mountains to the sea. Read this Rocket Japanese review to find out what the best way to learn Japanese is. Japan is the world’s second-largest economy and a major economic power both in Asia and globally. Japan has diplomatic relations with nearly all independent nations and has been an active member of the United Nations since 1956. Japan is determined to make a positive contribution toward these ends.

Japan is also home to comparatively small groups of Koreans, Chinese, and residents from other countries. All told, the non-Japanese portion of the population totals no more than 2 percent, making Japan one of the most homogeneous countries in the world in terms of ethnic or national composition. Japan is also among the world’s few remaining whaling countries. Although it officially outlawed commercial whaling in 1986 in conformance with an international ban on whaling, Japan continues to hunt minke whales in waters near Antarctica, saying this is for scientific purposes. Japan is remarkable for its transformation and development in the 60 years since the end of World War II.

Japan is very seismically active with over 1,500 earthquakes per year. In 1923 the Great Kanto Earthquake killed more than 143,000 people in the Tokyo area. These Rocket Japanese reviews are really helpful. Japan is not one big city-state. Japan is an extremely competitive society, yet competition within the group must be suppressed. Minor issues are sometimes dealt with by appeals to higher authority, but they may well smolder unresolved for years.

Japan is a very unique and exciting country. Each region and each city has a different thing to offer. Japan is now a highly industrialized country and the leading economic power in the world.

Japan is an archipelago (chain of islands) made up of about 3,000 islands. About two thirds of the land is too mountainous for development, so almost all the people live in cities, most of which were built on the country’s flat land (plains area). Japan is also made up of many rivers. They are usually short and deep. Japan is a very expensive place to live in and hence the standard of living is nowhere near as high as official GDP figures would suggest. On the upside, Japanese people often do go out of there way to ensure that my stay here in Japan is a pleasant one.

Lanzarote – You Just Can’t Help Returning

Lanzarote resort is the most easterly island of the Canary Islands; it lies approximately 79 miles off the coast of Africa, and is the fourth largest island in the Canaries, it is 37 miles (60km) long and 12 (20km) wide.

Lanzarote as with all the Canary Islands are a favorite choice by many visitors year after year because of the weather, this also makes them a perfect year round destination. Holiday apartments in Lanzarote are in good supply depending on the time of year but some do get booked up year round.

It is due to the dry climate that most visitors come here and many come to see the landscape as it is quite unique. When you look at the volcanic landscape on the island you would presume it had only recently happened.

There is still plenty to do and see on the island, if you want to explore why not take your driving license and hire a car, that way you can explore the island at your own pace.

One of the longest Volcanic Tunnels in the world is the Atlantida. This is over 7km long and includes La Cueva De los Verdes and Jameos Del Agua. Well worth a visit while you are on holiday. There are also several beautiful white beaches to choose from many offering different water sports.

The many sporting activities on offer will mostly be connected to the sea, like surfing, swimming, fishing and diving but the island is also great for windsurfing enthusiasts. The best windsurfing conditions can be found at Costa Tequise.

Puerto Carmen offers diving schools or you can find deep sea fishing excursions, parasailing, Jet Ski’s and many more to suit all ages. If a water sport is not for you then why not try one of the local gyms that also include tennis and squash courts, or simply laze about on the beautiful beach.

Whilst holidaying on this laidback island many choose to come here year after year and many come looking for property in Lanzarote, maybe to buy or for an investment to rent out.

Lanzarote resorts have something on offer to suit every age whether you are sports mad on your holiday or just simply want to relax and, if you are thinking of purchasing a property in Lanzarote make sure to get a local estate agent or solicitor to help you, laws can be different than purchasing a property in England.

For example if there were a Lanzarote property for sale you were interested in, and there was any unpaid bills related to it then you would be legally bound to pay that bill, there are so many things to take into consideration and that is why you need a local estate agent or lawyer to explain all the legalities to you.

The same rules apply when purchasing any property in any country and that is to always make sure that all the legal work is done for by a professional.

Those of you who love going to a market while you are on holiday can visit the one in the old Capital of Tequise, which is on every Sunday morning from 8.30 and 2pm. Here you will find paintings, jewelry, local wines, hand-made-table-cloths, African wood carvings and of course the usual knick-knacks that many markets have.

Those who prefer can try local “paella” or “churros” while relaxing and watching the local Canarian dancers in the main square in front of the church. Don’t forget to haggle at the market. Many of the stallholders are used to this.

March 2006 Shark Bytes

Dear Readers

We had a couple of fantastic pelagic trips at the beginning of the month and a particularly good trip where we had a large female blue shark with us for most of the day.

I always say that blue sharks are one of the best species of sharks to dive with. They are very curious animals and spend a lot of the time checking out the divers providing excellent views of the shark. They also do not come across as particularly aggressive animals so as a diver you can really enjoy the encounter without feeling threatened by the shark.

This specific blue shark was incredibly relaxed and not at all wary of the divers in the water. All our guests were able to dive with her and are were very excited at the end of the day.

In my last newsletter I mentioned that Chris & I were going to Madagascar hoping to find sharks.
In January we had an Italian guest on the boat that owns and runs a dive center on Ile Sainte Marie. This is an Island off the North East coast of Madagascar. Max has been living there for the last 14 years and during this time he has not had much success in finding sharks. He invited us to visit him in the hope that we would be able to help in this quest.

Chris & I did not go with high expectations although as always we were very excited about the possibilities. The Island is not large, 60 kilometers long (42 miles) and 5 kilometers wide (3.2 miles) but is home to a population of 20 000 people.

Taking into consideration the kind of conditions, water temperature etc we knew that there was a possibility of seeing the following sharks: Great Hammerheads; Tigers; Zambezi’s or Bull’s; variety of reef sharks; Bow mouth Guitar fish; Saw Sharks and my “Bogie Shark”, the Leopard or Zebra Shark.

The first obstacle we encountered on our arrival was that Max had contracted Malaria which meant that he was out of action for any shark activities for the first few days of our visit.

Once he had recovered we planned to try all sides of the Island. We had great weather for the day on the East Coast but after spending an entire day chumming and waiting patiently for sharks we got skunked. It was extremely hot and when I decided on a swim to cool off I was lucky enough to have a squid swim past me. Evidently it was not very happy with me and displayed its dis-pleasure. This meant that constantly changing iridescent colours were shimmering down its body…really spectacular and definitely the highlight of the day for me. The boat trip to the other side of the Island also meant that we were able to take in the beautiful coastline views. It was just magnificent and consisted of kilometers of white sandy Coconut tree clad beaches.

Although very beautiful, we were beginning to realize that there were some serious environmental problems on the Island. Just walking around there were no signs of any bird or insect life. When we started asking questions we were very sad to learn that the locals have basically caught and killed almost anything that they can get their hands on, including the very famous Lemurs that occur only in Madagascar. The also famous forests of the Island have been destroyed by 80% over the last 16 years. Shark Cage Diving

We were soon to find out that this catch-and-kill-anything attitude also extends to the sea. Gill nets are used prolifically and nothing is spared. We spent a morning watching a fishing boat bring in their nets that had been set for a 24-hour period. Four different nets were set over 2 kilometers and their entire catch consisted of 3 very large spotted-eagle rays, one king fish and a turtle. As I say nothing was spared.

There is not much that can be done about this problem. Madagascar is now officially the poorest country in the World and when people are struggling to feed themselves it is very difficult to persuade them to put back something like a turtle or be more selective in the animals and fish that they catch. Another factor that we found very worrying is that over a 24 hour period this was the entire catch. Gill netting is a ruthless form of fishing and nothing; aside from perhaps a very large shark; is able to break free of the net once entangled.

The north end of the Island is the quieter, less occupied side of Sainte Marie. We spent a full day up here looking for sharks, again with no luck. Admittedly the weather was very poor so we were not able to be in the area where fishermen most often see sharks.

We then planned on a very early rise so that we could try for sharks in the darker hours. It is a well known fact that tiger sharks often move from deeper water to shallow water to feed at night. Although a 2am wake up call was not very appealing we decided that it would be more than worth it if we were to see a Tiger. Shark Cage Diving

I mentioned that the North end of the Island is the quite end and a prime example of this is the hotel that we spent the night at. We anchored the boat 200 meters from the shore and Max then proceeded to kayak from the boat to shore. Apparently this hotel which consists of the most delightful rustic bungalows on the beach does not have a telephone or even a radio! We asked Max how this can possibly work and apparently if you by some miracle happen to find out about the place you just show up!! So, take my advice. If you happen to find yourself in Sainte Marie, Madagascar this is the spot to be. It does not get much better when one can lie in bed and hear the ocean lap onto the shore a few meters away.

The night was all too short when Max woke us at 2am but we gamely kayaked back to the boat in search of tiger sharks.

At dinner the night before Max showed us a scrap book of photographs taken in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. We were shocked to see photo after photo of very large sharks and rays that had been caught just off the beach in front of the hotel.

Massive tiger sharks and even bigger Great Hammerheads were caught in huge numbers. Even a whale shark was harpooned. Fishing for them was very simple and consisted of putting a large bait out on a rope and hauling the sharks in once they took the bait. Swimming was considered extremely dangerous, even in waist-high water due the threat of sharks.

We had left a large bag of sardines below the boat during the night and were very disappointed to find that absolutely nothing had touched the bag.

We now really did not expect to see a single shark and our midnight chumming heralded a total of three garfish.

We cannot conclusively say that there are no sharks at Sainte Marie but we do not think that there are many left. Tigers and Great Hammerheads are seasonal sharks so we hope that we were just there at a bad time of the year.

Some of you may know that Sainte Maries is famous for Humpback whales that migrate through here in large numbers over July, August, September and October.

Shark Cage Diving

Corporate Discount Travel – A New Way To Fly Farther For Less

I fly a lot and am considered a master beyond my years by industry experts corporate travel. I have flown so much that I have received Christmas gifts from the major airlines. One time when I was taking a couple of months off and trying to stay home more I actually received calls from the airlines asking where I was and if everything was alright. That is too much. That is too much because of the wear and tear it places on your body and family life but also because of the dent it places in your wallet. I have found a method of correcting those issues, at least the expense part anyway.

I received a phone call from a man asking if he could have the honor of booking my next set of travel arrangements for me. During a quick phone call he asked me where I typically went, how frequently I left home, where my seat preferences are on types of airlines, which airlines I preferred, how much I was typically spending per flight to different locations, what type of accommodations the hotels I stayed in needed to have for me to be happy, what size and type of rental cars I preferred, all about my frequent traveler programs and away he went. I did not think another thing about it.

Within a few days I had a need to book a trip. I sent a quick communication outlining the details about the trip and gave him a few hours to go to work. In the meantime I also went to work to check out what I would be able to book on my own. After revewing information for about an hour I had a held itinerary for a flight, rental car and hotel room. The reservations wereall made with my regular member numbers and frequent flier accounts and all discounts were applied. The entire 3 day travel itinerary was budgeted at $1,620.00 for air fare, rental car and a hotel stay.

I received an e-mail from the corporate travel agents a couple of hours later telling me that I could save $200 off of my flight if I would be willing to make one-stop (I wasn’t), $30 a day off my rental car if I would use a different company (I would gladly for a $90 savings) and that a better grade of hotel would cost me $69 per night and not $199 per night (a savings of $130 per night and $420 for the trip). I fell in love with salesperson who had taken the time to get in touch with me a week ago. He had saved me and my company exactly $510. At that point I loved corporate discount travel.

Our department participates in a margin sharing plan that rewards our team of sales people for the margin that we bring in. Travel has been a big isues and expense for the company and the department as the expenses have gone up for travel and we have struggled with ways to cut back. We sell a service that is difficult to sell over the phone, typically requiring a couple of multiple day visits on-site to get a new project started. My next call was to our corporate team to let them know about how we can all save money on our corporate travel. Many thanks to the man who made the cold call.

Advice For Travelling While You Manage Airport Traffic

Has it been a while since you have been to the airport? It seems that as every day passes, managing ones way through the airport is becoming more and more challenging.

If you are presented with the option of curbside check-in, I highly recommend you use it. This is a time saver for anyone who is checking luggage to their final travel destination. Some used to worry that their luggage would get lost unless you made nice with the attendant and give them a tip. While tips are encouraged, luggage is quickly tagged and taken away by security. So the chances of a bag getting lost because of curbside check-in is not very likely.

If you make your way inside, you will be surprised to see that all the tellers have been replaced with automated ticketing machines. Have your printed itinerary in hand and reading glasses, or a credit card to swipe for identification purposes handy so you can locate your ticket. Unfortunately, in many situations the help of a live person is still required and they are usually difficult to come by. This leads to longer lines and longer wait times.

In many airports, there is now another step for inside luggage checking. You now have to carry your bags to a security screening area. Usually this does not take very long, but it is an added step.

And finally you can make your way to the security line. For the fastest transition, have your laptop out, keep your boarding pass in hand, and wear all fabric clothing with no metal. Carry plastic eyeglasses along with your reading material and don’t forget to remove your shoes.

The easiest way through the airport is to ship your stuff ahead of time, print your boarding pass at home, wear basic clothing, and only bring your book and glasses if necessary.

Ocean Beach San Diego

Located in the Ocean Beach Community, Ocean Beach is actually just south of the entrance to the Mission Bay channel. Located at 1950 Abbott Street, the beach is a very popular location in the summer. During the winter months, couples like to walk the beach and just bask in the presence.

The Ocean Beach is wide in structure, about a mile long. Along the north end of the beach, you’ll find a volleyball court. During the summer, the court is always teeming with people playing volleyball while the sand around it is teeming with people watching.

Ocean Beach San Diego
At the south end of the beach you’ll find the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier. The Pier is open to the public with plenty of walking and fishing available. Located on the pier is a bait and tackle shop along with a restaurant. Although you don’t need a fishing license to fish off the dock, catch regulations are enforced.

If you walk to the south end of the beach you’ll find many restaurants, surfing shops, and many other commercial shops and establishments. Although you can travel to the north end of Ocean Beach, it’s mostly bordered by residents of the ocean area.

The unique part of Ocean Beach is the Dog Beach, located at the north end. This sandy area is where dogs can run and play without a leash – anytime – day or night. Although dog owners are responsible for their dogs and the clean up of them, Dog Beach is actually pretty nifty for anyone who owns dogs.

For your protection along the beach, lifeguards are out each and every day, year round. They are generally on duty from 9 AM until dark although you can check with them for their specific hours of operation. They are there for your protection and very willing to answer any question that you may have.

Keep in mind while on the beach, California beaches do experience powerful rip currents. It’s because of these currents that beaches in California experience over 1,000 rescues by lifeguards every year. To be on the safe side while in San Diego at Ocean Beach, it’s always a good idea to swim near a lifeguard.

For those who like surfing, surfing is permitted at Ocean Beach in designated areas. Scuba isn’t recommended however, because of the lack of undersea life, heavy rip currents, and the surf.

For swimming or enjoying the California lifestyle, Ocean Beach is a great place to go. It is a very popular place in the summer, drawing hundreds of thousands of people. If you long for a taste of the California lifestyle, make sure you visit Ocean Beach in San Diego. More about Ocean Beach and Travel.

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