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We recently took our first ever flights with Easyjet and were totally surpirsed by how many people arrived unprepared for the experience. Hopefully this 10 top tips for flying Easyjet might make your experience a little better:-

1. Checking in early makes no difference. Most experienced travellers realise that unless you have pre-booked a seat whilst booking that the earlier you arrive at check-in the better chance you have of sitting as a group. A sort of reward for being on time. This doesn’t apply to Easyjet, when you check-in you are not allocated a seat. Check in only opens 2 and a half hours before your flight with Easyjet.

2. Be prepared to run to the gate when it is announced. Why you ask? Because the seating is first come first served when boarding. Even at the front of the normal queue you’re in for some “surprises”. More than 60-70 people in front of you? Completely forget about sitting with your group.

3. Ask for assistance and jump the queue. Two flights and we saw this both times. People who had been happy enough walking around the departure lounge shopping finding themselves whisked to the front of the boarding queue on the back of karts.

4. Don’t have a child under 5 then best get friendly with a family that does. Families with children under 5 also (rightly) get to go to the front of the queue and there seems to be no limit to the number of accompanying adults. 2 children with 9 adults, not a problem, on you get.

5. Have younger children? Do not worry about being on time to the gate. You can simply board the plane as late as you like and then have people who have spent 30-60 minutes queing move from their seats, splitting up families and other groups travelling together so that you can sit together. And by younger children we mean anything up to 13. It’s also preferrable to stand in the isle and kick off as though you actually own the plane or have in fact paid more for your seats than everybody else around you.

6. Bring some really good headphones. You’ll need these for when the inevitable late family start arguing in the isle and the stewardess asks you to move on the promise that the flight can’t take off until this family are seated. As if it is your fault that they have turned up at the gate 5 minutes after the plane was due to leave. Either pretend you can’t hear or alternatively as one girl did on our first flight – that you can’t speak English.

7. The cabin crew and staff generally have a much more relaxed attitude than your average airline staff. I really like this. If you’re the sort of family that enjoys turning up late and causing an inconvenience for everybody else on the flight without a care in the world then be prepared to be spoken to in a tone that suites your own attitude. Your are a selfish pain in the ass and will be spoken to as such.

8. The planes are very basic, bring your own entertainment. Arm rests do not even have built in radio.

9. If you’re neither disabled or travelling with somebody under 5 then for gods sake pay the measily sum for priority boarding and cut all the hassle out of flying Easyjet. The actual service and staff are great once you’re sat down. To be an “average” person attempting to board an Easyjet flight is to be treated as a 3rd class person, spend that little extra and join humanity.

10. If you can’t afford priority boarding, are not disabled nor are travelling with a child under 5 then do not under any circumstances travel in a group bigger than 1 on Easyjet. OK maybe that’s a bit harsh, if all the above plus your flight is over 3 hours and you enjoy the people you have booked a holiday with then don’t fly using Easyjet.


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  1. Robert on December 14th, 2010 3:36 pm

    Interesting article. My brother and his wife had a similar experience with Ethiopia Airlines. Some seats assigned, most others NOT! Total confusion with tempers flairing!
    Will back link this article when writing about this experience at my travel website.

  2. Holidays Reviews on December 14th, 2010 3:59 pm

    Cheers, but not so much an article as a real life account! We honestly experienced all of these on those 2 flights, I have never seen anything like it. I imagine Ethiopia Airlines might be a bit that way as well 🙂

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